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Alberto Contador & Dancing with the Stars!
Posted on 10/13/2010 12:00:00 AM

Contador has threatened that if suspended, he may quit cycling all together. Perhaps dancing with the stars will be his next ambition?

I must say I was gobsmacked when I heard that Michael Rasmussen was a contestant on the Danish equivalent of Dancing with the Stars, “Vild med Dans”.  Take a look at this You Tube clip of his chicken dance and you too will demand his return to Pro Tour cycling.  You may remember that back in 2007, Rasmussen was kicked off of Rabobank after giving the anti-doping agencies false information on his whereabouts, thus dodging 3 tests.  He told them he was in Mexico when he was in fact training in the Italian mountains.

Any time a team kicks a member out it’s a big deal.  This time it was the team captain, the race favorite, in the yellow jersey, at stage 16 of the TDF, with a 3+ minute lead over… wait for it… Alberto Contador.  That’s a REALLY big deal.  Contador later won the tour and now in 2010 Michael Rasmussen is hoping to cross paths with Contador once again.

Rasmussen has been trying to sign with Saxo Bank next to Contador for the past several weeks. This week he told a Danish tabloid newspaper, De Pers, “The case against Contador is another example of the failure of the system. If you can be suspended and stripped of your yellow jersey by food contamination, then something is wrong.”

I don’t blame Rasmussen for sucking up to Contador.  Trash talking about the team captain of a team you’re trying to sign with is like insulting your potential boss at a job interview.  It’s bad form and who knows, your boss might get canned for drugs.  It’s not often one has this opportunity for promotion before they even start their new job.  Now all Rasmussen needs to do is keep his name out of his former manager’s tell all book on blood doping.

Contador has threatened that if suspended, he may quit cycling all together.  Perhaps dancing with the stars will be his next ambition?  I was never any good with Photo Shop.  If I were… insert photoshop of Contador’s mug on John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever

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