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Back on Track
Posted on 11/30/2010 10:28:28 PM

Time to hit the boards again

Arriving back home in BC, Canada in late November I got an interesting email from a director from the my former Symmetrics team. He is putting on a 4-day track event in late December and was looking for an extra rider after Taylor Phinney was no longer able to participate - it left Tyler Farrar without a partner for the event. Without much hesitation I said, "Sign me up". It has been a couple years since I have really raced on the track, but as a slightly younger man I used to love riding on the boards and have always thought that the Madison was one of cycling's greatest events. I have always had a real fascination for Six-Day races, maybe stemming from a father who used to go the sixes with his buddies for some weekend entertainment back when he still lived in Germany. Someday later on in my career I would love to do some of the pro sixes.

Here's the website for more details: The Burnaby 4-day

For now, the upcoming 4-day race, and the BC weather, means I have been heading down to get on the track a couple times per week to get back in the rhythm of turning left and getting some strength built up in the slinging arm, which I am going to need if I am going to get Tyler up to a respectable pace. He's a couple kilos heavier than myself and by a couple I mean more like a dozen or so.

Besides the hitting the track a couple times a week I have been filling the in between days with longer rides outdoors when possible, catching up with a lot of friends and chatting with my new team directors about what next season has in store for myself and the team...good times.

Until next time, keep your nose in the wind.

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