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My First Blog
Posted on 6/12/2011 7:46:24 PM

From Rugby and Waterpolo to Cycling

Seeing this is my first blog I’d like to introduce myself and give you a little on where I’m from and all those things. I’ll try not to bore any of you out there.

My Name is Jay Robert Thomson, born on the 12 April 1986 and im from a town called Krugersdorp which is on the outskirts of Johannesburg in South Africa. I started cycling back in 2004 (I used to be a rugby and waterpolo player) but i did my first season as a so called professional in 2007 for Konica Minota then moved on to MTN Engerade for the 08 and 09 season. 2010 was my first year being away from home for the year and that was racing the Team of Fly V Australia racing here in the USA. I loved every minute of being out of my comfort zone and being in a place where I can race more than once a week.

So you ask why the change from being a 100kg (220pound) rugby player to a 77kg (170pound) bike rider. I can’t put it on one thing but I guess I had to find a new challenge in life and I found it in a bike. I can’t think of a better sport to be involved in. Even though there is a lot of bad that is with the sport I still love it for what it is.

Anyway enough on the past and looking at the now.

I was a late addition to the Bissell Pro Cycling Team after the Team I had signed for 2011 collapsed mid-December. This didn’t make training and keeping focus easy but I can’t thank everybody enough that was involved in getting me into the team and keeping me more focused than ever. Especially my friends and family back home.

So after a lot of thought and chatting to Glen Mitchell, the GM of the Bissell Pro cycling team, I chose to move to Santa Rosa California. I was told that the weather gets awesome in May and doesn’t change till September. Well if you call 60F (15C) and rain (a lot of it) awesome then you would love it here. But this week the sun has finally showed its face and wow is all I can say about this place. I loved training here before when it was wet and cold but now it’s going to be incredible. Can’t wait to get out on a couple long rides and enjoy the summer here in the US.

Racing this year has been really great with the Team, even though I haven’t won as much as I would of liked but the form and morale is better than its ever been so I shouldn’t and can’t complain. I’ve done a few new races this year that I really had fun at, and a few that I really want to go back to and win.

OK enough for this week. I’m back in action again from next week again after having a few days off the bike and getting everything fresh again. Next up is the Nature Valley Classic, looking forward to racing my bike again.


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