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Nature Valley and the Recovery Time
Posted on 7/2/2011 10:58:44 AM

 The Rollercoaster week at Nature Valley was fun. Traveling across to Minnesota from California always makes for an interesting time trying to get into things with the 2 hour time change, but didn't have to worry about that to much seeing that we would only get back to the hotel after 9pm most nights, and then try and salvage some “healthy” food from some fast food place that was open. Not ideal for a bike race, but hey, I do it cause I love it.

Anyway, so the racing from my point of view was really up and down for me. Had legs one day then terrible then next and so on. Before the Tour started I had a day in mind that I thought could work for myself to do something - that came in the form of stage 5 , the so called 'Queen' stage of the tour. So it didn't go my way, and I landed up with a 3rd. I was happy with the podium but not happy with myself for not sealing the deal, but I guess that's how bike racing goes.
After the week in mid 70 F temps it was back to Santa Rosa, and wow something had happened over the week or so that we were gone. It was 100F at 17:45 and that is crazy, but I cant say I was complaining seeing I'm like a lizard , need the sun to keep me doing what I do best. So a few coffee shop rides and going to see the crazy 'Farmers Market' on 4th street in Santa Rosa in the 90F weather for the week was great and all I could ask for - I had to get back into the swing of things. Now feeling a lot more recovered after a week of easy riding, I've really enjoyed spending the long hours of riding that I'm doing and going to keep building up for the Tours to come. It's going to be a busy July and August for me, but I'm super excited what it has in store myself and the guys of Team Bissell.
So hopefully the next blog I write will have a victory or two for myself and the team for me to write about.
Till then,

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