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The road to recovery
Posted on 6/17/2011 8:29:51 AM

Progress being made, back to racing in August

Hi readers, this is my first blog…

Let’s get straight to it - for the people that have been wondering what has happened to John – Lee Augustyn… don’t worry, I have not run away! I am back home in Italy on the bike, soaking up the sun and dodging the clouds after the “Birmingham hip resurfacing” I had done in Cape Town.

I have been down in South Africa for a while doing my rehabilitation at the sport science centre. I have spent a lot of time indoors, from walking in the pool to strength training in the gym, and slowly started on the indoor trainer as it was still a bit risky to go out on the road. If I would fall over my leg might dislocate out the socket... so, with that in mind, indoor trainer never sounded so good…!

At the beginning it has not been very easy on the mental side of things but my family, friends and fans have helped a lot to get me through the difficult times. My wife has been a huge support looking after me… which is not easy!
The goal will be to start racing from August if everything goes smoothly. I really cannot wait to get back on the racing scene…I know it won’t be easy to break into things as I have not even done one race this year. But I must say that my team has been there supporting me, and they are all a great bunch of guys…
For now I have a carefully worked out program that consists of building up from two to three hours on the road with specific training and then an hour and a half to two hours of strength training done in the gym to get my leg/s back to full strength. In July I will do some altitude training at the famous “Livigno” before starting racing in August.

Anyway, thanks for reading,
John - Lee

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