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St. Niklaas
Posted on 1/2/2010 10:44:00 PM

Just a quick update before I go relax for round 3 tomorrow...Today was a GREAT day for me...until the last lap! I was in the lead group, which was always between 2 and 6 guys depending on which of the 9 laps you were talking about, from the very start. We had 2 teammates, Enrico Franzoi and SImonek, so that made it interesting for mostly Mourey and I. I either went with every attack or chased each attack down together with him or alone. I felt pretty good and knew I was going to have a good shot at the win! I was starting to calculate what I was going to. Then, just outside of the pit coming into 1 lap to go, I flatted (in the same place poor DeGneckt did twice today!). Completely flat. I stayed in contact with the lead group almost until the end of the long road section and then they got a gap. Through the slick twists and turns and down the muddy downhill, they got a bit more of a gap. I finally got a new bike and chased them down. I just caught them with 2 minutes or so left in the race when down I went, hard! I had wondered why all those guys were falling down there in the race. Mourey went down hard toward the middle of the race there too. Didn't look slick but it was BLACK ice! Yikes! I got up and chased onto just the back of Dlask, who had caught the leaders at one point during my flat tire escapade. So I was disappointed. 6th. I could have actually gone for the win today! So that is what I am trying to keep in mind. I actually had a chance today. Against a strong field. Form is there. Maybe tomorrow...:-) Got to keep hoping.

Thanks for reading and for cheering and for the emails and messages on Facebook! Keep em coming! Tomorrow is Tervuren and then I am off to Switzerland for some relaxation and kid watching! Emma is a great skier so she will be fun to watch and Milo is very excited to learn more this year now that he is 2. I think he'll be doing it this time! He was VERY impressive on his bike today. No training wheels zooming around the track at the race! Cool.


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