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Good and bad...
Posted on 11/30/2009 2:27:00 PM

This weekend was good and bad all at the same time. Saturday was the Koksijde race, and at least I finished it unlike last year where I got a concussion and had the whole nightmare of missing a doping control!

I was pretty good in the race which was nice. Unfortunately, I hit what I think was the only rock on the course! I ended up with a slow leak and having to switch bikes. I got back to where I was after the bike change, and then started making my way up to the next group which I think had 13th place in it. I made it up to them, and finally had made my way through the group when I ended up hitting one of the ruts in the sand. I got spit out and wasn't able to react well enough to correct myself - I had my front wheel on the bridge, and my rear wheel ended up getting caught up in the metal fence - I was lucky I didn't get hurt, but it ended up breaking my wheel and giving me a flat. At that point my race was definitely over - it was a long way to go before I could switch out my bike. In terms of my performance I was definitely riding better.

Yesterday's race was way the heck up in Gieten - it's a pretty amazing place - when it freezes there they have these really long speed skating races. It was a really hard race, a lot of it was in the grass and mud with some pretty deep sections, so you needed lots of power to do well on the course. I started really well again - I actually was out front into the first turn, so it was nice to get up there. The problem was that I had the wrong tires on my bike, so I rode the first lap with the bad bike and that was enough to where I couldn't stay in contact with the lead group...they were just going too fast for me keep up. After my bike switch I started to come back on them, but it was already too late. I ended up suffering a lot - it was definitely a hard way to get 15th place!

Next weekend I'll be heading to round 5 of the World Cup in Igorre, Spain. We're heading down this Friday, and we'll be staying there until just before Nationals where I'll be hoping to put in a good ride!

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