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Indoor workouts CAN be fun!
Posted on 2/12/2011 11:25:21 AM

It's all about the company and the tunes

Woohoo, it's been a while......December was butt cold in Toulouse, and after 3 great XC ski outings at the Plateau de Beille I bought a season pass and guess what? We haven't had any snow since! When I returned from Australia one thing that really struck me here is that a lot of bike shops lack soul, spirit, just some oomph.  So, with Christophe at the bike shop down the street we decided to get things moving a bit. It's too cold to ride outside (my limit is 10), and lots of folks want to get back in shape after winter festivities, and with my collection of steriogram, acdc, s.moss, on itunes....I put a few playlists together and opted to get my arse back at it as well!

AND GUESS WHAT?? Riding a trainer is actually quicker and somewhat funner when in a group!!

Mondays from 12h15-13h15 smoothe cadence recovery courses
Mondays from 18h-19h cadence recupe and some single leg work for old knee injured cyclists

Wednsdays 1215-13h15 strength work
Wednsdays 18h-19h endurance strength work

Fridays-12h15-13h15 Tabatta-and vo2-a lung buster!!!
Fridays-18h-19h-vo2 and single leg work

Check out a little video we did...

This week it's been 10-15 degrees and next week they're saying it'll snow??? I'll believe it when I see it.  For now it's full time trainer and if any of you have read Ella's blog you'll understand that we girls are motivated!

Let your legs do the talking!!!

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