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My brain is over the Atlantic...
Posted on 6/9/2011 8:41:01 PM

Leaving France for the Nature Valley Grand Prix

Wasn't there a song like that?? or was it Barney?, My barney lies over the ocean, my brain lies over the sea....as I search for my words while speaking more English today than I've spoken all year! Woopieeeee!

Sooooo, I landed at noon and the immigrant officer didn't want to take my photo or thumbprint me, though he took the other's before me... He did mention that because I didn't know where I was staying in the US I was lucky I had a US passport to get me in or I'd be camping at the airport!

Aside from that, as I walked down the stairs at the airport lugging my suitcase, I did start to wonder if I'd recognize anyone or would anyone recognize me??? Lucky day for me, two young men were waiting for me and they did recognize me, so off we went.

I'm sorting out details now with Coaching director Michael Engleman and Collegiate coaching director John Barron....tomorrow we'll pick up riders before heading off to Menamonie, Wisconsin for our farm hosted training camp for all three Nature Valley Pro Ride teams.

Cheers and thanks for reading!

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