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Jetlag rears its ugly head
Posted on 6/14/2011 9:24:51 PM

Must be jetlag....up at 6 and because we were so sad to leave our farm house we brought out the HOOLAHS! Check the photos below and you'll see Stephen and MIssy, our hoolah masters entertaining us all. What's very unique about this race is the volunteers.  We're housed the entire week by volunteers which is truly a unique experience. We never would have imagined that hosts and hostesses would be so passionate about our sport and give so much of their time and energy to us. We left this morning waving the white hanky goodbye to Sue and Jay, though we will see them all week on the road side.

Onwards and onto our new house in Excelsior near lake Minnetonka to Darrel's house - yet another passionate biker who is getting ready to ride a double century on the penny farthing in the photo! Darrell has a bunch of gorgeous cruiser bikes as well, and how lucky are we to have our whole team in the same house!

The group photo is of all of us before leaving the farm and the last photos are of Pete - our freewheel mechanic for the week - in the background you can see his portable workshop.

After an amazing barbecue last night - thanks to Darrel - we discussed our plans for today.  The plan was to head over to the TT course for a recon ride and then for me the real fun starts - packet pickup and team meeting where for the first time ever in a US pro men's race there'll be a woman DS. PROGRESS continues!

I'll have start times for my riders tomorrow and hopefully photos to introduce you to them.

Cheers and chat tomorrow!

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