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Go till ya blow??
Posted on 6/19/2011 11:20:19 AM

Days of riding at the front takes its toll

When you ride fairly hard at the front for three days running, chances are the 4th day it may come back to you..thus after three days of making bike racing look easy, on the hardest and longest stage the boys in blue,(who are the only continental professional team at the NVGP bike race), UnitedHealthcare were riding at the back. Forster, having won the two stages prior and with European stage racing experience that none of (and if there are any, it's a very very minute few) Americans here have was having a bad day at the office.

The race started officially after 3.3 miles and carried on throughout the gorgeous rolling green hilly farmland of Wisconsin. A group of 5 went off the front in a first series of rolling hills and there was some come and go until another group of 14 joined them later on in the race.  UHC's Rory Sutherland was hanging in there presumably in an attempt to save the jersey for his team.

Back at the ranch (in the peloton) a first skimming of the peloton was happening in the rear when a small group of 10 riders formed their own pace off the back. With most teams represented at the front, it looked like this big group of 19 would stick, but then suddenly on a straightaway they were just with in sight of the main group. The separation stuck and suddenly the gap shot up to 5 minutes leaving the bulk of the peloton on a training tempo ride.

The multicolored Jelly Bean boys, amongst others, were revved and ready to take the win, and once in the front another break was launched with 7 riders breaking clear without anyone from UnitedHealthcare and thus isolating Rory Sutherland in the back. The race was on!

Jelly Belly's Bernard Van Ulden drove it home to win the race bringing him up to 2nd in GC at only 12" behind Kelly Benefit's new race leader Jesse Anthony!

Our Mr Mustache is still sitting 3rd in the amateur GC despite our guys not making the break and tomorrow is another day!

Talk to you soon for the grand final!

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