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Rain, wind and TT bikes
Posted on 2/27/2010 12:39:00 AM

So, after our beer ride the other day the sun finally came the morning! We set off for 6 hours, 4 long climbs starting with ND de grace, col des fourches, Babaou and a few more on the return. Over the Babaou I already saw the clouds pushing their way in and the wind was picking up a tad. As soon as we hit the coast the winds were driving and it was starting to drizzle. If it just stayed a drizzle that would have been fine, but now it was starting to pour sideways with the winds being almost ridiculous. We stopped for a minute under some trees, refilled hot tea, pulled out rain gear, and the boys pushed over the last few rollers back to our hotel. The final thought was that's done and not to be redone!

Yesterday's ride was our TT bike position ride, an easy 2 hours to sort out positions, taking the Allen keys along for rolling adjustments. In lieu of Sunday's ride in Ardeche, some will be riding a tad more today and some a bit less.....Sunday will be a good race for us!


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