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Just the warm-up, that's all
Posted on 1/16/2010 11:14:00 PM

Today I told myself I'd ride the warm up and then get in the car. 5 hours with 3x20' at threshold TTT pace in teams of four in the middle of the ride. Wouldn't you know the warm up was a 2h30 ride over 3 mountain passes with extremely smooth descents, and then back into the wandering plains inland from the coast of Salou!

We rode well staying together over the climbs though the pace was good. Once in the plains, I decided to observe the TTT's from the back and sat on as 5th rider. It really does make a difference 'living' the ride live. We covered 15kms in 20' over a fairly rolling course one way, 10' recoup and the 2nd set was quite hard with a few long hauls slightly up hill.

I will admit if Mattel was handing out legs, I'd be the first to ask for an extra pair, and hey! Didn't I say I'd get in the car after the warm up? How time flies when you're having fun!

The 3rd set was a battle between 2 teams who managed to blow each other up and set a new power output on their 20' efforts. We rode back along the coast and oh what a day with such a sun shining!

Did I mention if Mattel was selling legs I'd buy a pair?

Still no photos but I've been promised they'd be sent...probably Monday. In any case, tomorrow is a double day so I'm off to snooze...

Goodnight to all, and thanks for reading!

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