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In search of sunshine!
Posted on 1/10/2010 10:10:00 PM

Pre season Bbox Bouygues Telecom camp starts tomorrow afternoon in Salou, Spain and most if not all of the riders are in search of sun and above 0 temps! For the few of us in Toulouse and even further south and all of those in the northwest this weekend brought on 20cms of snow!

Having grown up in Chicago I had to laugh when last week I couldn't cross country ski because there wasn't enough snow and I almost cried this weekend because we couldn't go due to too much snow!

The roads, (main axes is what I mean when I say roads), weren't plowed, salted, sanded, or anything...so I had to settle for the indoor trainer and a 10kms run in the middle of the streets around my neighborhood less we slip and slide...

In Salou the weather forecast looks OK, anywhere from 5-12 in the afternoons which is fine and welcome after the -4 we rode in here on Thursday and the -10 they're calling for tomorrow!

We'll be a group of 17 riders at the camp with the others heading off to the Tour of Gabon a bit later...were looking at an action packed 2 weeks with a bit of a mix building into some endurance resistance, strength, work and setting up our new TT bikes!

I'm sure good fun will be had by all!

Cheers and thanks for reading,

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