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What day is it anyway???
Posted on 12/1/2009 5:08:00 PM

The amazing thing about training camps is that you're pretty much cut off from the world and reality. Can't remember what day it is, is our country up to something we haven't heard about, is there an outbreak somewhere we should know about, etc etc... As far as I can tell, or remember, today is Tuesday and for the first time since we've been here THE SKY IS BLUE AND THE SUN IS SHINING!

It was 5 degrees when we left but the sun highly compensated for any discomfort due to cold. As other teams brag about their marvelous fortunes in riches and technology, were living it up and working quite hard. After spending 2 days with top ergonometric, aero, and podiatric (I think I just invented some words) engineers, and trying to get everyone on efficiently dialed-in positions, were now wrapping it up with final adjustments and everyone is happy!

Today was a 3hr, 110kms jaunt through the rolling winding twisting hills of the Vendée and Maine-et-Loire regions. Our mechanics have dialed in all the positions, so as I'd say were good to go! This afternoon we're spending on race and training programs, sorting out groups, planning camps, clothes distributions, final admin work and, of course, recuperation for all of our efforts.

This evening we have a few sponsors coming to chat, a pleasure to work with sponsors who listen and want to improve their products via our feedback!

More to come....cheers and thanks for reading,

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