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Pool Party
Posted on 11/6/2009 10:44:00 PM

Not sure where we left off, may have been our evening with chocho, our rockin' mechanic who is one of the few Frenchmen I know with great taste in music and this boy can play the blues!

The photos are after shots of the pool. Damien on the left is French pursuit champ, and Seb and he have won several Madison titles together. Seb broke his ankle in one of the crash fest finishes at the Eneco tour so were using the pool for some ankle rehab though Im also a pool fan (now that I'm learning how to swim properly!).

One thing I like is having them swim breathing every 3rd then every 5th stroke and swimming with fins as far across the pool as they can at the bottom or just under water. From the pool party that day I drove 2 hours north to Chateau Gontier to see Vincent Jerome (forgot to take his photo so will get one later).

We went through the weight work he'll be doing and got him logged onto TrainingPeaks so he'll be ready to go as soon as he's back. Vincent crashed 3 times on his hip this year and a pocket of blood formed under the muscle-looks like he has a women's hip on one side, so they operated Tuesday to drain the blood and he'll be back in action next week. Next stop is Marseille to visit with Said Haddou, a tall lanky physique, good sprinter, and not afraid of challenges.

Cheers from the Road!

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