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An evening to unwind
Posted on 11/1/2009 12:35:00 AM

After the pool we decided to meet up with Johan Gene and Rony for a mini squash tournament, a nice way to finish up the day.....

An off season cyclist's legs....
Hairy Legs

Squash Tournament:


In the evening, after several beers to fight off heat and thirst from 2 hours of indoor soccer and squash, I invited us all to our mechanic's place for what we call an appero-dinner. We showed up at 20h30, Seb fed Ninon, our mechanic's latest entry to the family who is 7 months, and we ate.


The boys drank some and I couldn't keep up, and when he was ready, Chocho whipped out his guitar and played us some blues. Note to self, learn to play the guitar one day!


So, I think I've brought you all up to speed as to my whereabouts.

I'm in the cholet region-northwest of France and ready to head a bit south to talk with one of our other mechanics today about our new Colnago bikes, positioning etc. Then, tomorrow I'm heading north to see my last rider in this neck of the woods, Vincent Jerome...and then Monday afternoon it's home sweet home! yay!!!

thanks for reading and catch up soon!!

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