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Posted on 10/27/2009 12:22:00 PM

Yesterday morning at 5h45 I thought I was having a nightmare. I had to pee and I was in too much pain to get up. Damn! (read yesterday's blog)

I pushed my legs over the side of the bed, grabbed a door to pull myself up and walked 'John Wayne' style to the bathroom...It really seemed like a mission...

At 10am I was on the road-500kms to Orleans to visit Pierre Rolland, one of the riders on the BBox Telecom pro men's team I work with. I arrived 3 liters of water and 3 pee stops later, still walking like John Wayne and taking stairs backwards to avoid pain at 4 pm at his place.

We went over his weight training routine, discussed the 2009 season, the 2010 season and ironed out a few details.....this evening we had dinner and shared a bottle of haut medoc ( his girlfriend doesn't drink!).

Tomorrow at 10h were off for a ride which will do my legs some good and more than likely my brain as well. In the late afternoon Ill press onward to our oldest rider's (Franck Bouyer's) place for more training, talk, and onward to a bigger, better, and faster season!

Cheers from the road

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