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Last day of camp!!
Posted on 5/10/2009 6:04:00 PM

 Last day of camp was intended to be a group ride with me included! So, off we went and 20kms out a man forgot about the red light, looked at all 6 of us dressed in bright blue Bouygues colors and drove right into two of the riders sending them both to the ground and trashing their bikes!When he stepped out of his car he was a bit confused, very apologetic but Im not sure he should be driving-he was about 90 yrs old, hearing aids and coke bottom glasses...In any case, i rode back, got the team car and the boys who still had bikes continued on...

Today, out for a ride with Philippe, my significant riding partner we rode into the foothills of the pyrenees and 7kms from home someone else grilled a light sending philippe arse over teakettle, snapping his fork, trashing his wheels but thankfully leaving his body intact...The french have this saying that wrecks happen in 3's so I may stay off my bike tomorrow!

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