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DAY 3-TT bikes out for a ride/Day 4-hill sprints/Day 5-Speed demons
Posted on 5/8/2009 7:51:00 PM

WEDNSDAY -Today we set off for a 3hr ride on the TT bikes with some cadence based efforts along the way. The boys are in fine form and the sun is out!
There are some cool roads here and the few cars we see actually give us space, amazing! There's a 6kms circuit we do that is ideal for motor pacing so our faithful physio and man of all trades met us there at the end of the efforts to bring things up a notch and motor pace the boys for the last hour....nice work!

THURSDAY-26 degrees and sun today! Fantastic weather! We went out to the road course used for French nationals a few years ago and did tempo work up the steepest climb with the last 30m a full on sprint. One conked on me, a bit tired from yesterday but the others pushed on...massages will be appreciated this evening

FRIDAY-Today is May 8th so everything is closed in France....It was drizzling this morning but nothing could detour us from another ride on the track. They were pretty wet when they arrived but the track was dry and they set out for ten minutes of 15"-15"s twice followed by some full on sprints. Funny how the track seems to wear everyone out so much more than hours on the road....Naps for everyone this afternoon!

and tomorrow is our last day of camp-group ride for everyone in the morning and in the evening two of the boys will be racing a local madison race on the track.
Next stop is more work from Toulouse, pretour camp, french nats, and two camps in the massif central for non tour riders....

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