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DAY 2 of camp! These boys will be ready for Picardie !!!
Posted on 5/5/2009 8:47:00 PM

 This morning we set off for a 3h30 ride involving a bit of 'tempo' pace and then some intervals destined to improve vo2 as well as power. We met up with Thomas Voeckler on the way, well recovered from his collarbone fracture and as he showed his winning form on Sunday's Trophée des Grimpeurs he's now ready for ITALIA! After an hour at tempo pace the hammer went down and they were off one by one for 6x3' efforts....twice.

The second round was actually peppier than the first one which was great to see and in no time we were back at base camp! 

Our evening session was off to a fantastic veldodrome in La Roche sur Yon-a 450m smoothe cement track! They rode there (25kms) and rode about an hour behind the motor bike on a fixed gear...A fantastic effort with  a few 'bonks' in site....

I brought home a very tired crew, 200kms for the day.......nothing a good night's rest wont cure

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