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Leaving the comfort zone, end of season
Posted on 10/2/2010 12:00:00 AM

Time to take the next step

So, it has been a while! Sorry I wanked out on ya’ll but it my own défense it has been a very busy season! Started in November with our annual team camp where the new recruits meet the old, and this year I added a very much needed vidéo and podiatry analysis to sort out positions before the boys new Colnagos were ordered. The week was filled with weight training, some trail running, riding, and a wee orientation and accrobranch adventure, as well as a night in a barn full of snoring and farting (the boys not me!) some talking in their sleep….the usual stuff when 42 guys sleep in a barn in the hay after two days of trekking…

Early season camps also involve the season’s planning in terms of camps, races, etc. etc., so a lot to get done. I spent a good amount of time going over various weight training programs involving lots of stability and core strength work, which I feel we can never do enough of!

Fast forward to January, our road camp in Spain. 33 hours on the bike and decent weather got everyone on track and motivated for a good season to come…I mananged to ride 23 hours, do a bit of running, sort out programs, and have a nap here and there.

Fast forward again - some neo pros got their first wins (Turgot a stage in La Panne, Gautier in Brittany), while others were often at the front mixing it up.

From Paris Nice to the Tour de France, to the recent tour of Quebec, various riders were able to show the team's notorious style of racing.

Fast forward to today. It has been a very eventful two years. We were able to make some positive adujustments, fine tuning, with more needed to be done but I need to move on, and above all, move forward. The past two years have been an invaluable learning expérience ranging from psychology, mechanics, ego Blow ups and Outs, and perhaps above all, the art of communication and balancing temperments.

At times when I read today's numerous websites, excpet this one ofcourse, I get the feeling I'm reading people magazine with the latest trash on who has slept with who, though today's rumours are about who is suspected of doing what, leaving where, going where, etc... It saddens me a bit as I don't feel like our sport is necessarily moving in the right direction in certain areas. I certainly hope that those hogging the covers will learn to share in the coming weeks.

As for me, job interviews and vacation await, will be in touch soon to tell you my new wearabouts. In the meantime, have fun riding your cross bikes!


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