Well...they're not new cyclists anymore
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Orange Crush


06/02/2013 09:10 PM
...but still relatively green behind the ears (they'll be 10 tomorrow!), their bikes are new from last month, and we need a new thread under this folder.

Vedder River trails today



06/03/2013 07:30 AM

looks like a nice day. I recall the 50 k ride I did with my 8 and 10 year old kids in Denmark.


It is really fun...


06/03/2013 07:38 AM
OC very nice landscape there. The hills are alive with cyclists.


06/04/2013 03:39 PM
Your a good dad!...sure Mrs C is a good mom also....
Gonzo Cyclist


06/09/2013 05:28 PM
very cool!! Great pics!!
Big DanT


06/20/2013 11:19 AM
How do you get them to keep their feet on the pedals?
My 4.5 year old can easily ride her bike, no training wheels, but will drag her feet instead of backpedaling to stop.

I think she is messing with me, as she knows how the brakes work, and shows me when I ask her to before she starts riding.

it's only been @ 2 weeks since she had a bike with pedals, she had a strider before that.

Orange Crush


06/20/2013 01:33 PM
Dan - mine did that for awhile, the dragging feet. But they're 10 now and know what to do. Ripping down a dike like that is fun for them.


07/07/2013 09:00 PM
I am so anti-strider. Teaches bad habits. Instead, put them on training wheels and get them off them quickly. My son was off training wheels at age two. BMX racing at 4. That is good for teaching them. He has quit BMX, but loves mtbiking and road riding at age 7.


07/07/2013 11:40 PM
@Big Dan get a handlebar brake and lose the coaster brakes.

My kid didn't use training wheels and he was riding with pedals at 3, doing tricks and mtb'ing at 4 - strider worked just fine when he was 2 and 3.

He's been using a hand brake since 3, needs more stopping power for the trails now so we're getting him a front brake too.



02/07/2014 07:53 PM
Great photos, great energy!

As much as I like flying around, there is nothing better than getting a new cyclist out for a ride. Young realize how much fun it is, old are reminded how much fun it is!


02/08/2014 09:52 PM
I recently helped my 6 y/o son to learn to ride a bike. It felt awesome


02/06/2020 10:25 PM
Six years ago. OC, I suspect your kids have progressed since then.
Sad how many of these posters are no longer active.
We got our grandson a strider, and he loves it, but he's better on a scooter. We also picked up a small bike with training wheels through our community FaceBook "Buy Nothing" page. He wants to wait until spring to ride. I agree; I'm not fond of snow, ice, or salt while riding.


02/06/2020 10:33 PM
so our first grandchild is in the oven. Heck yes looking forward to it.
And this dad does so love his daughter!
Cosmic Kid


02/07/2020 06:13 AM
Congratulations, LSD!!!!

Best wishes to your growing family!
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!
Orange Crush


02/07/2020 10:49 AM

Smokey - yes 6 years on. Not too many family rides anymore with the 16yr olds although we did a ton of riding in NL over three weeks in NL last summer.

One of them rode quite a bit on one of my old road bikes two years ago but is currently 100% into running. Weekly distances 95-110 kms, more than I ride at moment.

The other one isn't into aerobic stuff but looking for a gig as swim instructor & life guard.

A year out from university (sciences most likely); we actually did a tour of U Victoria last weekend.

I'm 5yrs out from semi-retirement (at 60) and 8 from full retirement (when my wife hits 60 and gets her full pension). The succession planning at work has started.

And I repossessed the bike I gave my kid. Rode it last weekend. It will become the winter road bike again as the Diverge will make its next transformation to a full-on gravel bike, dropping 4 teeth on front rings with new GRX crankset and adding four 4 teeth in back, plus properly wide tires, in anticipation of some kick add rides.


02/07/2020 10:13 PM
Now that is a great ride. Enjoy!
A much much younger me owned a Colnago with Merckx decals, purchased from an Italian commercial pilot who bought it from a pro recouping a few Lire at the end of a season. Had a few small dings a quite a few paint defects from a year of pro racing. Stupid young me stripped the paint and repainted. Stripping the paint exposed the perfection of the brass braising and the exquisite lugs, but in hindsight, Oh the folly of youth!


12/05/2022 09:02 PM
Looking back at this thread a couple of years later, I wonder if there are any updates? From me, the grandson is now 7 and has a bike sans training wheels. The granddaughter is 3 and fearless. She zooms on the scooter and flies on the strider.
LSD, how much joy does the grandbaby bring?
OC, have your kids figured out that you actually know anything?
Orange Crush


12/06/2022 10:33 AM
Smokey - kids are 19 and 19, out of the house. Studying overseas so to speak, in Victoria across the Salish Sea. Very much cycling distance but it does take 2x2hrs by ferry so makes for a long day. One's passion now is rock climbing (trip to Nevada coming up), the other hmm I guess she likes her drinks, much like I did at that age.

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