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Maybe upgrading to Wahoo Kickr
Last Post 02/18/2015 09:03 AM by Cosmic Kid. 3 Replies.
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02/17/2015 09:32 AM
Having used just about every type of trainer there is available, I'm currently on the LeMond Revolution with the WattBox for measuring power. Works great and feels good but the common complaint is the noise. I'd also like some additional features that the Wahoo appears to provide. Has anyone tried it? Worth the price?
Cosmic Kid


02/17/2015 11:43 AM
Haven't used it, but love the concept.

You may wanna search some of the threads over on Slowtwitch. I think there were some complaints / issues re: wattage accuracy and / or controlling the wattage level remotely. Never really read the threads, so dunno.

But I love the idea of incorporating TrainerRoad workouts with a Kickr. Program tells the trainer what wattage to set and you just get on and ride. Plus there are a crapton of training programs available on TR. I've never used any of the workouts because I do all of my indoor training in a group setting on Computrainers.....but if I was just riding solo in my basement, I would be all over it.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!
Ride On


02/17/2015 07:08 PM
My coach is no fan of them. He believes that mentally being able to hold watts yourself is one of the keys to a good workout. If a machine takes over for your brain in training, you won't know what to follow in a race. He is a big mental guy.
Cosmic Kid


02/18/2015 09:03 AM
Yeah, I think there is something to that, Ride On.....but I also know that when I do interval workouts on the CompuTrainer, there is no hiding. You ride those watts or you start hitting the "-" key to drop power.....and no one wants to be that guy in the group class.

But there are plenty of guys who will do all their training in Erg mode with a pre-programmed wattage....even LSD rides. Fook that....if I'm gonna be inside on a computerized trainer, give me a simulated road course that requires shifting, standing, etc. to mix things up.

We did a 27 mile road course today....5 of us started out together and it was a drag race the whole time. Not a lot of hills, but a few tough rollers to keep everyone on their toes. Time flew by (even though I got shelled around 50 minutes in). If I was just riding constant watts for that ride.....ugh.

So I'll take the programmed wattage for interval rides, but opt for road courses for everything else.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!
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