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Music for a spin class
Last Post 12/30/2013 03:39 PM by carl x. 11 Replies.
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12/26/2013 04:56 PM
An acquaintance is becoming a spin instructor in a college class. She asked me for music suggestions.
Off the top of my head, I came up with
Mr. Blue Sky (ELO)
Johnny B. Good (Chuck Berry)

Any additional suggestions would be appreciated
Orange Crush


12/26/2013 06:39 PM
Just put this one on high volume and auto-repeat

That whole album will really get you into a groove.

It's college man, you don't wanna be feeding them the old fart stuff

(and yeah, I'm losing the music battle with the kids)


12/26/2013 07:07 PM
music can make or break a spin class for me. power pop usually works. industrial gay night club dance music doesn't. a few suggestions:

jane's addiction: mountain song
tame impala: mind mischief
ride: leave them all behind (for long climbs)
leave home: the chemical brothers
parquet courts: borrowed time
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12/27/2013 01:37 PM
Here is a few from my iPod Shuffle I use in the gym. Courtesy of Youtube.

Science of Fear – The Temper Trap

Heavy Weight – Reverend and the Makers

Teddy Pickers – Arctic Monkeys

Peacemaker – Green Day

Low – Foo Fighters

Reason is Treason – Kasabian

Mean Spirit – Silversun Pickups

Dots and Dashes – Siversun Pickups


12/27/2013 02:01 PM
i have over 100 playlists for the spin classes i teach. i'll share one with you...

"Arrested Development" Spin Playlist

Bang The Drum All Day 3:32 Todd Rundgren
Jump 3:59 Van Halen
Back In Black 4:18 AC/DC
Dance The Night Away 3:03 Van Halen
Beautiful Girls 3:56 Van Halen
Girls, Girls, Girls 4:30 Motley Crue
Kokomo 3:38 The Beach Boys
Rollin' and Tumblin' 3:10 Jeff Beck
Uprising 5:03 Muse
Love In An Elevator 5:22 Aerosmith
Summer Of '69 3:34 Bryan Adams
Miss Tomorrow 4:11 Cheap Trick
Bad Romance (Album) 4:57 Lady GaGa


12/27/2013 02:16 PM
it's probably helpful to your friend if i tell you what i do with each of the above:

1 stretching, warm-up, light resistance
2 quick cadence, with out of the saddle running, weight over the legs
3 intervals
4 climb
5 resistance loading
6 climb
7 rider's choice
8 resistance loading
9 climb
10 intervals
11 climb
12 intervals
13 climb

resistance loading and climbs are usually to the rhythm of the song; "cadence is the constant, resistance is the variable". intervals are generally on the choruses.
Keith Richards


12/27/2013 02:21 PM
It is all about BPM. You want it to start slow, go up and then take it back down.
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12/27/2013 02:22 PM
I'm Going home - ten years after, woodstock version
radar love - Golden earing

These served me well when doing 1000m repeats in swimming...and later in 25 miles time trials.


12/30/2013 08:35 AM
Okay, if your friend is getting certified for instructing for Mad Dog Athletics, the folks that brought you Spinning, it's a Spinning class, not a spin class. I have a friend who is a master instructor and they are precise about their lingo! The bike is a Spinner bike and S.P.I.N. is an acronym for, I think, Spinning Professional Instructor's Network.

Anything from Sonia Dada's Lay Down and Love it Live, Danny Gatton, So Good from Cruisin' Deuces.


12/30/2013 08:52 AM
Used to teach it many years ago. 2 of my favorites were.

Infinite Persuit - Jean Luc Ponty

Hundreds of Thousands - Tony MacAlpine


12/30/2013 01:40 PM
if she gets Spinning (R) certified (which is the certification i have, thru mad dogg), just keep in mind that she'll need to get re-certified every two years for $200. it's just a refresher course, so basically a revenue stream for mad dogg. she'll teach on the bikes the club has, which may or may not be spinner bikes, and there are lots of both good and bad spin bikes out there, including star trac (spinner), schwinn and lemond.

johnny g started it all way back when, early 90s i think. i believe he had to retire from teaching due to a heart condition. always wondered if that was due to going anaerobic too often and for too long, which is fairly easy to do.

for me there are 3 kinds of instructors -- aerobics instructors who get certified and then teach an aerobics class from the bike; cyclists who bring some real knowledge of cycling to the class; and cyclists who are also musical so that they know how to use music to choreograph the workout. the latter are very hard to find, and unfortunately mad dogg certification doesn't focus on the use of music at all, which IMHO is a big gap in their program... they should at least introduce instructors to the structure of a pop song (intro, verse, chorus, bridge etc.) and provide some examples of how to apply those sections to a workout (e.g. out of the saddle on the chorus of a song @ 120 bpm, moderate climb)


12/30/2013 03:39 PM
you can usually tell who the cyclists are because they don't bounce. at the ymca where i do my spin classes, they have a pretty diverse group of instructors. some are better than others but i always get a good workout no matter who is teaching.
How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.
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