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05/24/2015 07:48 PM
I have a new Garmin Edge 500.  When downloading the data to Garmin Connect, I do not get any info as it relates to the HR zones.  I have the zones set in my user profile, both on the Edge and Connect, but it does not show any data against those zones, post ride download.  I inquired with Garmin and was told that the Edge 500 has HR Zones, but does not show any data specific to the zones.  For example, on a two hour ride, I'd like to know how much time I spend in each zone.  This is pretty basic info on even an entry level HRM.  Not available with the 500, per the Garmin support person.  So, if there is no data reported back against HR zones that are set, then why have them at all?  I am a bit annoyed, as the amount of time spent in particular zones is a pretty critical aspect of training.  Does anyone else have the Edge 55?  Am I being given accurate information from Garmin Support?
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05/28/2015 11:30 AM
hey Jimmy-

I have an Edge 510, but don't really use any HR data since I train primarily by power. Can't necessarily answer your question re: HR Zones and Garmin Connect, but I'm pretty sure you can set up a free account on Training Peaks and get that data. The import of the data from Garmin Connect is automatic (once you set it up) and almost instant.
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05/29/2015 07:34 AM
You should get heart rate graph but Connect doesn't seem to display zones. To me it is a Connect issue. I use an Edge 500 for the bike (rarely riding these days) and a Fenix 2 for running. Neither show heart rate zones in Garmin Connect but they do show the graph. If Connect has the graph it should be able to break that into zones... pretty much any other package does this easily. I use RubiTrack on my Mac and it imports from Connect and then displays heart rate and pace zones no problem.

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