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I found exactly what I was looking for!
Last Post 04/19/2014 06:52 PM by 79 pmooney. 3 Replies.
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04/17/2014 09:48 PM
And I was quite certain I was looking for a dinosaur.  V-brake levers for road handlebars with really long hoods.  In other words, super climbing levers with very little braking power.  For the new fixie, Jessica J.  Shes been getting by with some really funky levers that met that description but had weird design with a small but critical screw that had to be un-threaded every time you want anything with the lever; change cables, adjust the clamp.  These levers were picked up used with those threads quite tired on one of the levers and I later had to replace it with a larger self-tapping screw.

Stopped into the local Bike Gallery to ask about another item.  Then asked if they had V-brake road levers.  "Do you guys have a pink tyrannosaurus rex?  Guy goes back and pulls out a box of Tektro levers with really long handles; best Tektros I've wrapped my hands around.  Wow!  Threw them on some spare bars, no tape or anything and went around the block.  Stop just like the suspect levers I like so much.  I think they will be nice to wrap my hands around and better riding the hoods seated, admittedly the weak point of this setup because the levers are so far down a deep non-road drop.  (I swap out to narrow traditional road bars, normal levers and side-pulls for flat riding.  Takes 10 minutes and no brains or skill.)

I want to ride those handlebars this fall at Cycle Oregon if I do it fixed as there is 35,000' of climbing if I do all the options and just as a much descending.  (The V-brake lever combined with Shimano dual-pivots give really good braking for control downhill.  No sudden surprises.  It take a lot more squeeze to make things happen but the lever never gets close to the bar.  Kinda like old school Campys except there is more flex in the dual pivot body so they are a little more forgiving.

Those levers will be mounted on very wide (42?, 43?) pista bars that are truly sweet for out of the saddle climbing for long distances.  And seated?  On the tops, Thevenet style for you guys my age, pista bars pill your hands a little forward and cock your elbows out for bbetter breathing.  All good.  Oh, and really wide bars sure are nice descending when descending speed is all about control and has nothing to do with wind resistance!  Life on a fixie!

Looking at the ride profile, I can see I will need all I can get.  Day 3 has a climb that looks like Dead Indian Memorial Raod out of Ashland, OR.  3000' in 15 miles.  6700' for the day.  The next day has multiple 600' climbs with flat ground between.  Either a lot of stops of some wild riding in gears you wouldn't choose.

My challenge? To do this, have fun, keep the rubber down and not develop or aggravate any chronic issues.  Here's to trying!



04/19/2014 10:27 AM
At a certain point in my life biking became more about health,longevity and smelling the roses than say pushing it to the limits. Just thinking about doing 35000 feet of climbing on a fixie has my knees screaming "No Mas" and for what? Bragging rights? I just don't understand your wanting to prove you can still do it, even Horner who at 40 with all the proper training has had knee problems. I can still push 53x21 up most climbs but I don't because it is counter productive to my well being. I wish you the best but seriously no one cares whether you do that ride on a fixie or a compact pushing 11x28 cassette. Either way finishing that ride is a feat.



04/19/2014 12:00 PM
I'm kinda there too Bob. I won't ski high consequence chutes anymore. I won't ride stupid gnarly mountain bike trails. Partly because I know recovery at 56 takes longer and I know my abilities. At the same time kudos to someone that still has the desire to do these things.


04/19/2014 06:52 PM
It's not wanting to prove I can still do it. I want to do it. Climbing Dead Indian Road out of Ashland two years ago I felt as alive as I ever felt in my life. That is the high I live for.

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