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Tires that live up to their name!
Last Post 07/05/2014 10:36 AM by Justin jmdirt. 1 Replies.
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07/05/2014 01:34 AM
Challenge Strada Bianchi.  Now my Italian isn't much, bianchi isn't more than a brand name in my little mind and Strada, meaning road only sorta fits these tires.  But challenge?  Mounting them?  Big Time!!

These are 30c of the flattest tire and stickiest rubber you will ever see.  Getting them on with destroying the tube?  They and the shop recommend mounting them and letting them sit for a couple of days before riding.  I'll add to that.  1) Never use a tube you care anything about for that first mounting.  2) Next time I am skippng the tube first time.  My hands were so beat after the battle to mount the first two tires it was 3 days before they healed enough to consider looking at the tires.  Second tire I mounted I pinched the tube badly and flatted it.  Today, that made no difference for the second try.

But when finally mounted?  Took the good bike out for a quick spin on the 13-28 I threw on my oldest wheels.  Took the back road near my house that I use only as a walking shortcut.  There is a 15' dirt embankment to scale.  Got to it and put the bike in low and started up.  I could barely keep the front wheel on the dirt, but the rear tire was planted!  (Oh yeah, this is a 28!  28 - 28!  1:1  I never use a gear that low!  But that rear tire is sweet!)

This set-up is a blast!  I'm going graveling soon!



07/05/2014 10:36 AM
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