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Mavic hub bearing press TT - W001
Last Post 03/26/2015 12:21 PM by Kenny Gonzales. 3 Replies.
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Ride On


03/08/2015 01:48 PM
Anyone have a Mavic Hub bearing press kit. Tri peaks TT-W001 they want to sell or let me borrow / rent ? They sell for about $100 which is kind of steep for a tool I'll use maybe once. Yes I could go by my LBS and get them to do it but I always feel bad showing up there with the parts just wanting to get them to do something with a special tool. Yes they treat me well I just like doing repairs myself. Makes me feel all manly and all. I could fashion something but that seems like a lot of trial and error and time spent. The right tool as dad always use to say.


03/08/2015 04:23 PM
I use a socket a length of threaded rod and washers of various sizes. usually works. esp when the socket fits the outside race well


03/08/2015 08:18 PM
I bring parts to my LBS all the time. I don't think they really care. They seldom have what I need in stock anyway...
Gonzo Cyclist


03/26/2015 12:21 PM
Ride On, bike shops are OK with it, really, just show up with a six pack of nice beer, they will always make time, or let you use a tool if you show up with a gift
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