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Fly or Ship Bike?
Last Post 04/25/2015 04:50 PM by Orange Crush. 9 Replies.
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04/21/2015 07:56 AM
Will be heading out to Boulder, CO in August and plan to ride out there. I have access to a hardshell bike box but can't figure out if it's better to ship the bike out early using UPS or take it on the plane with me (Delta, Gold medallion member if that matters.) Any advice? Thought about renting something while out there but would much, much rather have my own steed for tackling Mt. Evans again.


04/21/2015 08:20 AM
The thought of TSA unpacking then attempting to repack a bike gives me the shivers. That said I did buy a Ritchie Break-away Ti bike for just that reason-- they can't mess up the paint and it will be harder for them to mangle titanium. It does make me apprehensive every time I fly with it since it requires you to be a Cat 2 in jigsaw puzzles to get it in the case and most TSA's that I've seen aren't even up to a Cat 5 level.
Orange Crush


04/21/2015 08:36 AM
Too much hassle for my liking. I rent everywhere I go. Univercity Cycles has some sweet bikes. I had a Roubaix for Evans etc.


04/21/2015 09:15 AM
I have UPS'd bikes back and forth 6 times over the last 2 years - never a problem.

I get extra insurance and plan ahead so I don't have to ship too close to the arrival date and pay for quicker shipping.

If I remember correctly, it has been $60-70 one way for ground.

I have an anal-retentive personality, so I pack my own bike, and pack it well - assume you are going to get the guy that tosses it over the fence ; )


04/21/2015 11:45 AM
Shipping to and from a bike shop has helped me sometimes.
Btw, I have a nice pedal pack deluxe hard case collecting dust. I should get around to selling it.
Cosmic Kid


04/22/2015 09:28 AM
If you can afford to be without your bike for a few days before and after the trip, ship it. Easier logistics, usually cheaper, no TSA digging through the box.

If you will lose bike time by shipping it, take it with you on the plane.

I ship my bike about twice a year(Spring break and this weeks a sales conference). It helps that I just use my company's UPS account, but it is pretty easy to just ship it.
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04/22/2015 12:36 PM
have you shipped a bike to europe? i might try that if/when we go next time.
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04/22/2015 12:37 PM
The first time I flew with my bike, I waited and waited for it to be brought to the baggage area. Only to find out it never made the connecting flight in Chicago. They had to drive it out to me that night. It's been UPS ever since.


04/24/2015 09:46 AM
Just wanted to thank everyone for their advice on this matter. Decided to just ship it via UPS. Don't like the idea of TSA inspecting it.
Orange Crush


04/25/2015 04:50 PM
Another opportunity missed :-)

So far I've had as rentals
Giant TCR
Specialized Tarmac several times
And perhaps the sweetest of them all the Litespeed I had in Florida but couldn't really put it to test (100 m vertical in 100km ride = pathetic :-)

This summer will add:
Pinarello Dogma for a double Ventoux ascent
Trek Edmonda for Haute Route Alps (Velonews tells me its the road bike of 2015)

Its fun to try out all these bikes.
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