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Semi-Compact Chain Length help
Last Post 05/15/2015 01:59 PM by Jerry Russell. 3 Replies.
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05/14/2015 06:36 PM
Just threw on a new Dura-Ace 11-spd chain but things don't seem quite right. I matched the length of the old chain. Thought that maybe the noise was from a worn chain but now I'm thinking it might not be long enough. I'm using an 11/28 with a 52/36. Any rules on this one? The diagram I found by Shimano shows the proper length when in the large ring and smallest sprocket but it's only for max 27 teeth. Then it says to add 2 links if it's a 28t or greater but they fail to explain that fully.


05/15/2015 10:13 AM
Strictly armchair here but since you can't add just one . . .


05/15/2015 10:21 AM
I know this is a stupid answer-don't the Dura Ace chain have a directional installation?

I've cut chains too short by mistake in the past. Never had much of a problem. When I started to hear a lot of chain noise, even after installing a new chain, it meant one of my chain rings was shot (usually the small one). The compact chain rings don't wear as well as the standard ones. And sometimes you can't tell if a chain ring is shot just by looking. I use cheap KMC chains. I should point out I'm a Campy guy (problem not for my new bike, if that ever happens).


05/15/2015 01:59 PM
Just finished a 12/36...34/50 build and ran the chain big ring to big sprocket not thru the 105 med cage derailleur and pulled chain tight and added one link. Works great. One link is two chain blocks. Used a Scram master link..(connector)
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