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05/18/2016 09:13 PM
I just got a helmet-mounted mirror and used it for the first time today. It took a while to adjust the position, but even after it was set properly so I got a decent view of the road behind me, it made me a little dizzy to check it. I made sure to get a flat mirror so the focal point is on the reflection, not the mirror itself, but I think my eyes first tried to focus on the frame, not the reflected image. Maybe a handle-bar mounted mirror would be better for me.


05/19/2016 12:08 PM
I wear a Bike Peddler (dork) mirror that attaches to your riding glasses. I've been wearing one for decades. I ride a lot of narrow, mountainous, twisting, narrow roads with little or no shoulder. I constantly scan for cars coming up behind me. Once and a while I will get a large truck or a school bus and I might have to pull over and get off my bike , or take the change of getting clipped. Once and a while it will block my perficial vision (not often). And sometimes my brain tells me an oncoming car is about to hit me head-on, but it's the image in my mirror. I tried a helmet mounted mirror, but too much vibration. Yeah, I know they look dorky. But at my age (73) who cares? Live to ride another day....


05/19/2016 06:06 PM
I've been using helmet mounted for years, but the standard Third-Eye helmets mounts and the visors I use don't play together very well so I have been making my own mount to screw to the visor. I shape a thin aluminum sheet to fit the visor and hang down about 3/4" with a lip at the bottom. Both sides get fiberglassed with cloth tape and epoxy resin. This gets bolted to the helmet wit a pair of small screws.

The Third-Eye clamp gets a far better grab on the fiberglass, the mirror is exactly where it should be and vibration almost never is an issue. Plus it is not on my glasses. As one who has no alternative to glasses and has to pay a lot for each pair, putting something on them that might damage them is something I won't do.

This leads me to another rant. Just why cannot helmet and mirror manufacturers get together on a standard that would allow mirrors to bolt to visors or to a standard bracket like I make? The bracket I make, if made from plastic could sell for $12 at a nice profit if it could fit any helmet with a visor.

Every time I get a different helmet, the visor is different and I have to make a new bracket to do the same thing.



05/20/2016 10:31 AM
I'm still waiting for my cerevellum...


05/20/2016 12:11 PM
Something else to consider for us older riders is hearing aids. I went along trying to keep a eye on the mirror and ride straight until my wife badgered me to get some hearing help. She all ready had the hearing aids. I got them and after sorting them out I can hear the vehicles way sooner. Even the Priuses can be heard. I can spend more time looking where I am going. I have had the aids for 8 years and I just turned 83. I tried a few and ended at Sam's mainly due to the 90 day trial period and the wind noise is not a factor. The aids bring your higher pitches up and you can here the vehicle tire noise.


05/20/2016 04:11 PM
Good tip on hearing aids. I rely more on my vision than my ears, thus the need for a mirror. I had my hearing checked last year, my hearing has definitely diminished, I was recommended for a hearing aid, but so far I have balked. Maybe time for rethinking...
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