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I'm blowing up the gear budget.....
Last Post 07/21/2016 10:17 PM by steve brunet. 26 Replies.
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07/11/2016 02:57 PM
CK -- Hope you're planning to provide a race report.


07/11/2016 05:15 PM
I was going to offer up my GoPro so we could witness first hand, the speed that you will be riding. Then I thought the added weight would slow you down, and we don't want that.


07/11/2016 07:02 PM
Just in case nobody mentioned it before: Do not use flammable solvents in the ultrasonic bath. Unless you want to drop the "budget" from the thread title and just go with "blowing up the gear".
Yo Mike


07/11/2016 09:10 PM
Blow up the budget a bit more:

This teflon-coated chain, ceramic bearings, BB and derailleur components claims to save 10 to 16 watts.



07/11/2016 10:18 PM
Posted By Spudly Crumpett III on 07/11/2016 05:15 PM
I was going to offer up my GoPro so we could witness first hand, the speed that you will be riding. Then I thought the added weight would slow you down, and we don't want that.

Spud, Spud, Spud... it's not the weight, it's the drag coefficient. Looks like someone was sleeping through CK's lectures.
Cosmic Kid


07/11/2016 10:38 PM way I want a GoPro hanging underneath my bars, increasing my drag! Fook that!

However, Strava links will gladly be provided so you guys can wonder in amazement at my (hopefully) low wattage / high speed numbers.

Tires getting stretched tonight for gluing, the things are supple! May have to use a bit more sealant than normal, just to be sure.

New Giro also arrived feels great and the visibility is awesome. Super-strong magnets hold the visor rock solid. What is nice is that the visor covers the ears, meaning ear flaps on the helmet itself are unnecessary. Makes getting the thing on and off unbelievable easy.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!
Cosmic Kid


07/17/2016 10:57 PM
Someone asked for a race here goes.

Short story - crushed the bike, ran way above my expectations, won my AG and punched my ticket to the 70.3 Worlds!

Long story - severe weather blew in right before the start of the race. HEAVY rain, wind, lightening, etc. delayed the start, but quickly cancelled the swim (even without the lightening, the weather turned Lake Michigan way we could have swam).

As the swim is my weakest leg, that helped me (but I was still disappointed)....but then because of the late time and road permits, they had to shorten the bike down to 31 miles form 56. Crap....that hurt me relative to the sting runners.

Rolling start for all the age groupers and I was in the last row....which meant there was a line of over 2000 riders ahead of me. Spent the whole ride yelling "MOVE RIGHT!!!" Wind was really strong (20+mph) and with the large groups of riders, made for a sketchy race. In the crosswind sections, I actually had to get out of my aero extensions and ride on the bullhorns....the combo of that many riders and that wind was really scary.

New lid, chain, tires and skinsuit are FAST.....I mean noticeably faster. I averaged 220w and just under 25mph for 31 miles...and I asn't aero for the whole ride. FLYING!

Got off the bike, headed out on the run and I was @ 7:15 pace. Really had no idea how fast to run the half-marathon off such a short bike so decided to hang it out there and see if I could hang on.

End of the first mile I had to stop to pee....cost me a minute as my 7:15 turned to an 8:16. Second mile as back @ 7:15, which I knew was too fast. Settled in @ 7:30 / mile and wanted to finish the first lap at that pace. After that, I kept saying "one more mile at this pace.....ok, that one's down, one more mile". Slowed to 7:40's in mile 10-12, but hung on to average 7:37. My run split was only 30" slower than my PR in a standalone half-marathon.

Only had the 4th fastest run, but had built up enough of a lead that I head on by over 2+ minutes at the finish. Had no idea I had won until I called home.

So September 10, 2017 I'll be towing the line in Chattanooga for the 70.3 World Championships! Still in a bit of disbelief....
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


07/18/2016 07:17 AM


07/18/2016 07:39 AM
Way to go!


07/18/2016 10:10 AM
Cool! I hope there is a W.C. singlet in your future.


07/18/2016 11:21 AM
Fantastic! Congratulations!


07/21/2016 10:17 PM
is there a WCP video of the race you can share???
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