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New Take on Electric Shifting
Last Post 12/23/2016 08:38 PM by Frederick Jones. 8 Replies.
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12/19/2016 08:31 AM
Click on And check out issue 739. Article on a different take on electric shifting which is a whole lot simpler and less expensive. This is not a recommendation but something to discuss jer


12/19/2016 10:15 AM
Here's the direct link-->


12/19/2016 10:58 AM
What a concept! A device that simply pulls a cable, any cable. Someone noticed that all derailleurs made in the past 50 years operate by cable. And that the right device could simply operate all of them. Further, he/she/they got that (or stumbled on) brifters are a curse in that they make routine crashes expensive. Now we can go back to $50 levers.

Another plus - separating the mechanical from the programming. The mechanical part just pulls a cable any amount it is told. There is no interface with the derailleur, no tooling to change when derailleurs do, just reprogram. Maybe the programming will be in the button. Go from a Shimano 11 speed to an SRAM 12 and just buy a new button. (My hope.)

Now me being the guy who waits 'till it is all debugged, I'll wait for the fix gear version. I know I will still have to stop, but I like the idea of leaning the bike against a tree and taking taking a smoke break while the Xshifter Mk XXXXIII unscrews the 23 and puts on the 12.



12/19/2016 11:26 AM
Good for the inventor! And good for consumers!

I'll stick to manual for now though ; )
Cosmic Kid


12/20/2016 10:01 AM
Not certain I see the advantage here....other than retrofitting to your existing derailleurs. But the same issues that plague cable systems (adjustments, cable stretch, etc) still exist and you are strapping junk onto your bike.

And I gotta think that the battery drain is gonna be pretty significant if you are using it to pull the cable to switch a derailluer (especially the front).
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12/22/2016 03:58 PM
I wasn't trying to get anyone to change to electric just the cost difference between Shimano/Scram electrics. Cable stretch should be minimal as you are looking at about a foot of cable most. And if the cable stretches you can reprogram it to match. If you hit the curb with your Shimano/Scram derailleur and wad it you are stuck buying a fairly expensive replacement. With this electric yo go to that box of parts and find a derailleur with the correct cage length, bolt it on, play with the set up buttons and you are back in business. How long will it last, who knows. How does it work over time, who knows. I find that with cost of the Shimano/Scram system some one in his shop comes up with something at 1/3 of the cost that is supposed to do the same thing. Come at me guys, I can handle it. I am not working for or affiliated with the product.


12/22/2016 04:43 PM
Jer, my post above was my tongue in cheek way of saying I think this is a great idea. I'm still a dinosaur so it won't be on my bikes anytime soon, but long before the big names. I love mix and march, getting the bike to be exactly what I want. The idea that the shifter, an item that should be selected for my use, and if a weight supporting item (any other vehicle designer would be saying "What??!!") to my body. That I have to limit myself to two or three brake levers and hood because I am using an xxx rear derailleur? ("You want this seatpost? You know only this, this and this seat will fit on it. You OK with that?")

I wish SunTour's Command shifters had panned out. Clean, simple and left the brake lever entirely out of the derailleur picture. Of course, they still had the derailleur compatibility issue. This could welll play out as a really workable solution for many of us. Might even revolutionize things. I wish them good luck.



12/22/2016 10:21 PM
Opens a lot of possible equipment combos. want a 32 cog on your super record road bike and need a shimano MTB derailleur to get the job done? just programming. Tandems with the long cables and weird gears. Possible use with Hydraulic disk brakes too


12/23/2016 08:38 PM
Good observation. I'm married to SRAM now for road shifters plus mtb gears on my most-ridden adventure bike. Nothing wrong with that but options would be great.
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