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Adventures in gravel
Last Post 06/14/2020 09:16 PM by Dale Dale. 3 Replies.
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06/13/2020 08:54 PM
A few weeks ago one of the local groups sent me an invite to join them on a 50 mile mixed road/ gravel ride.
Flattered... yes. Scared schiteless... yes.

As one guy said this morning as he walked into the coffee shop the ringleader owns, "Looks like there will be an A and a B group." Correction, there will be an A and an A+ group.

I've gone with this group three times and the format is the same. Fast pavement for 8 or 10 miles then as soon as we hit gravel the hammer falls. The speed jumped 2 mph and it was flat out from there. Minor correction, it was flat out for me. I'm happy to be able to hold on to the tail end. Not once have I been the one to drive the pace.

They regroup occasionally but the pace is not for the timid. Solid bunch of guys and an occasional woman that is strong as can be and asks no quarter of anyone.

My tires are not up to the task for this kind of riding. Vittoria Terreno Dry are awesome sand cx tires but the profile makes them super squirrely in gravel turns... they just don't take to leaning very well. Fast as can be going straight but a very flat profile and they don't transition to a turn very well.

Anyway, I'm open to gravel tire recommendations but mainly wanted to brag about getting the invite to the fast ride and not getting totally blown out the back
Cosmic Kid


06/14/2020 05:54 PM
Big fan of the Maxxis Ramblers that I used at DK last year....fairly knobby, but seems to roll pretty fast on the pavement.

Another option that looks really good but I haven’t tried is Specialized Pathfinder. Smooth center and decent knobs on the sides.

Oh...and nice job hanging with the fast crew!!
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!
Orange Crush


06/14/2020 06:32 PM
The WTB Resolutes are awesome if your bike will fit them. Fast rollers

Advertised as 42s but depending on rim width and pressure closer to 45s.

Now stop bragging. My gravel speed is hopelessly slow. Rides are build around endurance more than anything else. 50 miles is just passed the halfway point haha.


06/14/2020 09:16 PM
Posted By Cosmic Kid on 06/14/2020 05:54 PM

Oh...and nice job hanging with the fast crew!!

Make no mistake, 10 of the 12 guys could have ridden me off their wheel at any time but it's like that story about the farmer who every year brought his old plow horse to the county fair and entered him in the show competition.

One of his fellow farmers asked him why he persisted in doing that since every year he came in last place. The old farmer thought for a bit and replied, "I just like to see him in such good company."
I'm a lot like that and have totally accepted the fact.

OC, one of these days I'll graduate to long rides.
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