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P-R proves too much for the almighty disc?
Last Post 10/05/2021 09:26 PM by Frederick Jones. 6 Replies.
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10/05/2021 10:08 AM
The disc brake Stans are going to have a difficult time fighting this one.  Looks like the mud and wet condition proved too much for LaPorte's disc brakes. 

I can't even imagine how loud the peloton was with all those rotors rubbing and grinding. 

How did cyclocross racers do it in the past? 

Orange Crush


10/05/2021 10:52 AM
Everyone else was on discs and doing just fine.

Its curious that this happened on his replacement bike which he got after flatting. Maybe they forgot to put on a fresh pair of pads on that one.
Orange Crush


10/05/2021 11:51 AM
Actually here's the proper answer "Just crap mechanics putting the wrong pads in. It was a day for a sintered pads, as any Cyclocross or mountain bike ride I would have told you".


10/05/2021 12:29 PM
And proper set up so the pads don’t rub a rotor covered with grime.


10/05/2021 07:38 PM
Word --> Sintered pads. Gripe about the noise if you wish but it won't exceed the howl of cantis.


10/05/2021 09:05 PM
Paralleling a post on another thread:
Luddites: Dear God: I don't know crap, but I want to post a negative thread about disc brakes because, you know
God: OK, just ask your mechanics to be knuckle dragger stupid on a rainy muddy day, and it will happen.
Luddites: Thank you God! . . . Everyone else, even stupid fans: Stupid is as stupid does,


10/05/2021 09:26 PM
Ouch that came out too harsh, sorry. The OP is correct that discs are not idiot proof. Subsequent posts, including mine, concur.
That is all.
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