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A custom lugged Nitto stem?
Last Post 01/05/2022 09:27 PM by 79 pmooney. 2 Replies.
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01/05/2022 08:07 PM
I do periodic searches for Pearl 13s.  I want one for Jessica J, my Ti Cycles fix gear.  (It has a 135 Cinelli newish 1A of unknown history.  I am a big fan of replacing aluminum steering parts before they break.)  I have a 25.4 Pearl 13 that I could have machined.  26.0s to match the very unusual handlebars I love seem very hard to find.  So I duck ducked "best Nitto 13 stem".  Of course Rivendelle came up (as I wanted).  And of course, Rivendelle didn't carry a 135 horizontal (-17) stem.  (Like asking for color WW1 photos.)

But!  They did have up to 110mm lugged steel Nittos!  I have that same Nitto seatpost.  Gorgeous and far lighter than it looks.  I read further.  Nitto builds those stems at Rivendell's request.  (And also sells them elsewhere because that's business.)  Names the woman at Nitto who brazes all of them.  Asks us to buy through them because they started this.

So?  Wouldn't Rivendell be happy as a clam to receive an order based on this info for the exact same stem only with an additional inch of tube?  And don't they have the wherewithal to pull this off?

This to my wallet would make a Pearl look like a kid's allowance.  But it would 1) be very classy.  Steel on an all steel fork and steerer.  Lugged like the fork crown.  (Well quite different lugs ...)  Finish is a "soft" finish, not bright mirror chrome.  (I gather like my seatpost and if so should look pretty good over the brushed ti frame.)  And 2)  Yes, crazy but this is my favorite bike of all time.  My house is paid and recently roofed.  I have maybe my last car.  A stem that costs half a medium-good set of wheels?  I can do it.  (It also has a Rivendell length quill that allows me to age.  19cm!  I may have to cut it down!)


01/05/2022 08:44 PM
Another source?


01/05/2022 09:27 PM
Posted By Frederick Jones on 01/05/2022 08:44 PM
Another source?

Rene Herse only shows lengths to 120.  I'd settle for 130 but no less.  Seem to recall Nitto only making to 120. Too bad.  Their Pearl 13s are 140, the 12s, 130.  (Pearls are measured center of handlebar to perpendicular to the steerer centerline.  Unlike the rest of the quill stem world but a true and clean dimension and same as the threadless standard.)
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