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Light interfers with wireless computer
Last Post 07/25/2013 02:54 PM by Jack Pouchet. 5 Replies.
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07/24/2013 08:42 AM
My Cateye Mico wireless stops working periodically, but only while I'm using my Nighrrider headlight (which is every morning). I replaced the batteries but the problem persists. Anyone else have this issue, and is it unique to this model of computer? Thanks.
Yo Mike


07/24/2013 08:59 AM
Only time I notice electric field interference with my Cateye wireless or older Polar HRM is when I'm under electric high tension wires.

I use a magisshine light occasionally, and get no interference from that with my cateye wireless.

You replaced the batteries in the Sender unit, the receiver, or both?


07/24/2013 09:39 AM
Is your nightrider an HID light? That might explain the drop out as these lights can emit a lot of EMF which can interfere with the wireless signal.
Might try to find another place on hte bars but I know there are not many places for these 2 devices but on the bars


07/24/2013 10:04 AM
Yo Mike -- I replaced the batteries in both units.

Master50 -- I'll experiment with different bar placement.



07/24/2013 08:21 PM
I have a Stella and had the same problem with a Trek computer. The Stella has a rubber clamp for attaching to the handlebars. I flipped it to the bottom of the bar, which made it just far enough away to alleviate the problem. Since I changed bikes, I passed the old one, with the computer, to my son, but I kept the light. I haven't used it on the new bike, so I don't know if it interferes with this set-up.


07/25/2013 02:54 PM
A buddy solved a similar problem by placing HRM in his back pocket. Sure, you won't be able to read it while riding but if its dark enough to need lights no big deal.
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