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12/11/2018 08:15 PM
Anyone have any experience with folding road bikes such as the Bike Friday Pocket Rocket or something comparable? I've been doing a bit of traveling for work lately and have been renting bikes at various locations for $20-60 per day. I usually ride about 2 days and get a simple aluminum frame road bike and put my pedals on it. I'm thinking about a folding bike that can zip through airports without extra fees as I get 2 free checked bags. I looked at a sweet bike from TERN, but it's size was slightly oversized. I was told you usually can talk your way into no extra charge, but I don't want "usually" and i don't want to have to sweet talk anyone. I'm also planning a europe trip in 2020 with riding friends in northern France and would consider bringing this particular bike.
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12/12/2018 08:36 AM
Back in the day, one of the product guys I worked with at Schwinn traded a bunch of his airline miles for a Bike Friday....he liked it, size was actually OK, but in the end he never used it that much. I think he found it to be too much of a hassle to keep breaking down and reassembling.

FWIW, I can break down my road bike and drop it into my Serfas hardshell case in less than 20 min. Still been the easisent solution for me, but that doesn't clear the "no fee" hurdle for you. If you have a second bike you can pack, you could send that bike ahead via UPS (with a return label).

The other option you can look into is the Hen House case from Ruster Sports (same guys who do the Dimond tri bikes). Two pieces that are airline legal in terms of dimensions. I have not personally used it, but know many people that love it. Standard case is $349 and the upgraded Armored Hen House is $579. Both are cheaper than a new bike and you don't have to worry about the wheel size issues with a folding bike. The only "downside" to the case is you need to remove the fork when you pack it...not really a huge deal, but just an added step over a "normal" bike case. If you are even moderately competent in terms of mechanical ability, it is not an issue at all.
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12/12/2018 01:02 PM
Slightly off topic. I had a ti bike with S and S. Worked great, saved a lot of money and hassle flying. But despite what they claim, it’s a 40 minute project to take down or rebuild.


12/12/2018 01:29 PM
I totally dig my Ritchey Ti CX Break-Away, it's no longer made but someone is making a similar bike using Ritchey's design. Fits in a suitcase size airline box.


12/12/2018 09:16 PM
Looking at different versions of pocket rocket. Although a used air Friday is available local with case. I did look into S&S couplings for an old Merlin, but it costs more than a folding bike and I’m messing with a classic.

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