Wrenching mistakes
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07/18/2019 01:49 PM
Spent a couple hours last night installing new brake levers, cables, bar tape and organizing my Di2 wire routing.  Got everything perfectly dialed in only to realize this morning that something was amiss.  I flip-flopped the brake levers!!!  Now my right lever controls front brake.  Talk about not paying attention. 

Since this is a recipe for disaster because I'm not used to that arrangement (English style?), it's back to the basement I go.

Beyond that, I have two more good examples.  Installed new chain but failed to thread it through the front derailleur cage.  Whoops.

And then the expensive one.  Before I was old enough to have a clue, I ordered one of those pricey ITM 'THE' Magnesium stems and installed without using a torque wrench.  Funny, those are really important when dealing with expensive, lightweight parts.  Immediately snapped it.  When I pulled the screw out, all of the material came with it.  $250 down the drain.


07/18/2019 02:03 PM
*ouch* Anyone, amateur or professional has had their share of those moments.

I remember rebuilding an outboard motor back in my mechanic days, got the powerhead put together and... oops... one of the pistons was installed upside down, a six hour redo

On the flipped levers, just race CX it's the referred setup
Cosmic Kid


07/18/2019 02:12 PM
Was gonna make the same suggestion as Dale...use it for CX prep training!!

I have done the FD / chain mistake before...but I just removed the screw on the inside of the FD cage and popped the chain back in that way.

I also have a pair of Zipp Contour SL carbon handlebars sitting next to my desk that have the impression of my stem shape in the middle / clamp area....torque wrenches are your friends.
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