A nice finish to the Zipp question
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09/17/2013 01:11 PM
So in a previous thread, I talked about low tension in my rear wheel (Zipp 404 Clincher). My LBS looked at it again, and the torque seemed to hold up. Given the cost of the wheels, I asked him to send them to Zipp for a review. Zipp said that the torque was slightly above spec. Since a couple spokes had shown the effects of the chain-jump event, and since the wheel is in its first year, they completely re-spoked and rebuilt the wheel to factory spec at no charge since they considered it to be under warranty. I was very pleased and excited to hear about what they did of their own volition. The wheel should be back at my LBS today. Can't wait to try it out. A very good ending to this story.


09/17/2013 01:48 PM
Great to hear, especially since I'm seriously considering a pair of Zips -- either 303's or 404's.


09/17/2013 03:25 PM
vtguy, great wheels. I had a pair of 404 Clydesdale clinchers from around 2008, but those had such a tight tolerance for the clincher tire to fit that I would break 1-2 tire irons trying to put a tire onto the bike. As a result, I sold them fearing the day I would get a flat and have to wrench a tire off and on.

The Firecrest Clinchers are great. You can put a brand new tire onto the wheel without a tire iron (my hands are the only tools I need). Additionally, they're nice and stiff. I have really enjoyed them with the exception of bending spokes due to user error.


09/17/2013 11:57 PM
I just put the 303 cross tubes back on with Tufo tires. Damn light. Must have bottomed out 40 times before a jacked the psi a bit. Still ride nice. Gotta mess with the brakes though they're honkin something fierce. Scared some folks a couple times from a long way away.

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