Jacket ideas?
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12/04/2013 12:26 AM
I was looking for a Castelli Gabba convertible jacket, but those are going to be hard to find in my size (or anysize really) and was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Gore Phantom or something else that can turn into something vest like.  I can't spend Assos money, so anything less than that will be helpful.
Yo Mike


12/04/2013 10:27 AM
Last jacket I got was from Canari. I forget the model name, but the rear panel (covering a mesh back) and arms all are removable. No rear pockets, IIRC, but it did have side pockets and I think a small breast pocket. Really just a shell, but it serves my purposes.


12/04/2013 05:35 PM
Fitting is always a problem for me with jackets. i have to try them on, unless i want to go through the dreaded return ordea. I like P.I. jackets, but sizes can go from a L to an XXL. Water and wind resistance are a ++ for me. I can layer up with base layers to regulate my body temp. No matter what, in the winter, I'm cold. As long as my feet and hands are warm, I can usually tolerate it...


12/04/2013 07:36 PM
I have been very happy with my Craft jacket down to about 6C but last year I got real lucky on ebay and caught an ASSOS IJ bonka Jacket for a lot less than retail. no even less than that. cold riding has changed a lot. I put on a single base layer, also Assos or under armour cold gear. warm. moisture management is the biggest challenge in getting it right. If I get home dry I picked the right base layer. If I get home wet I was too warm under. This can present a problem if you stop as the accumulated sweat will chill you. I still take a rain coat in case I flat so I won't get that chill. Often need to ride a few KM before I can take the rain jacket off. The jacket is very warm toward the wind and pretty thin to the back so moisture can transpire. close fitting base layer becomes very important to transport that humidity out of the jacket.
My experience with this jacket is below a certain temperature humidity is a real challenge to control and will cause a chill if not handled correctly. Many years ago I had a foam jacket. Outside layer of tightly woven nylon that cut the wind, a layer of open cell foam and an inside finish of a fine mesh. This was about the best combination of ventilation and warmth I ever recall. Not real warm but the dry part helped that a lot and it was easier to pile on the layers if moisture was not an issue too,

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