Shimano XTR/600 Overhaul
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10/22/2009 09:56 PM
Anyone have any suggestions on how I can overhaul/freshen up "my" cyclocross's bikes 8-speed Shimano 600 shifters and XTR derailleur?
steve b


10/23/2009 02:14 PM
go to your shop sponsor and ask them if you can use their parts washer. it makes a big difference on things like the rear derailer which has so many nooks and krannies that the normal wipe down and lube cant get to..while youre there use their compressed air to blow out the shifters then relube them with light oil. you may want to bring along the chain and right crank arm too just to get the whole drive train spotless. then of course new cable and housing.
David Studner


10/23/2009 11:50 PM
If you are looking to get the shifters working better try this- flood the shifter with citrus degreaser and shift up and down the gears then re-spray. You should see a bunch of black stuff come out of it. After you're satisfied that the shifter is working better, flood it out with some White Lightning Clean Streak (or non chlorinated, plastic safe electric parts cleaner) so that there's no residue left after it dries, then lube with some light spray oil. That will bring the shifters back.

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