So they mostly paved my favorite love/hate 1700' gravel road climb
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08/15/2019 10:24 PM
A younger me did this climb at least a dozen times each year. I'd time myself, really hit it hard, you know the drill. Getting older, other issues, and missed a few years. Fortunately doing better now. So for the first time in years, rode it couple of months ago, yes slower than in the past, but it was good. Even posted a satisfied "I'm not dead yet!" report on this forum. Was there again recently and WTF, the climb is now mostly paved, only 1.5 miles of gravel. The remaining gravel bit was mostly awful, all washboard, loose and dusty when the occasional car or truck went by. The paved bit was definitely more pleasant to ride. So why am I disappointed? It's more appropriate for the current me. Maybe next year I will find an ebike at the bottom. And won't like that either.

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