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Drones and pro cycling
Last Post 07/31/2014 09:43 AM by Mike Shea. 6 Replies.
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07/30/2014 05:31 PM
Would having drone cameras flying over the pro peleton be a good fit ? Closer pictures than helicopters and less in the way than motos with cameras. More stable than the cameras mounted on the bikes. Seems like it would be a cool technology to bring to bike racing.


07/30/2014 06:06 PM
There are now drones that can follow you without an operator. Cool for many things, Kayaking, Skiing,...ect. Be a great fit as long as they didn't crash. Also onboard cameras are how close to the norm? I'd say two years tops, to have them be a consistent piece of the broadcast. And that guess is based on my years of experience in the field...lol.


07/30/2014 09:52 PM
There is a guy here who has been using drones to record the 'cross, and the crit series. He also uses several on-board cameras to make some pretty cool videos.

Great idea!


07/30/2014 11:28 PM
This is from the Driveway series of weekly races in Austin


07/31/2014 12:33 AM
Sky should invest in one of these drones - to fly in front of Chris Froome and relay real time images and information about the road ahead of him so he doesn't have to lift his eyes from his computer screen, something he is clearly uncomfortable doing. It could also provide audio, telling him about cracks in the road, etc. And a camera facing backwards so he can be prepared for passing riders.

They really can't argue the cost; not when they have been provided an F-type worthy of James Bond as a TT support vehicle. Best Sky result at the TT: Geraint Thomas @ 5 minutes down. I think A drone for that first week would have been money better spent.



07/31/2014 08:30 AM
i see drones as maybe replacing the helicopters. i think there is also a plane that circles above the race that has something to do with relaying video data from all the cameras but i could be wrong. that's another place for a drone. maybe even a blimp! as far as replacing the motorcycles, i see a bunch of drunk fans throwing beer bottles at the drones. but yeah they have a place.
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07/31/2014 09:43 AM
talk about the ultimate selfie. Over the top egos at work. Trouble with most of these drones is still flight time. No battery powered drone could fly for a pro stage.
To answer the skinny yes really big races may have a plane to relay the radios for radio tour and the organization too. the tour has as many as 5 helicopters in mountain stages. Police, television, radio relay, maybe a medical, VIP.
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