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Motos... here we go again
Last Post 08/03/2016 06:38 PM by Nicholas Arenella. 5 Replies.
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08/01/2016 02:46 PM
My buddy Brad Huff in the Tour of Guatemala went down avoiding a too slow moto in front of him, slid under a guardrail and is cut to ribbons

If you don't follow him on twitter or Facebook you need to. Funny guy, cool as the other side of the pillow and tough as nails.

"Slick pavement. Fast downhill. Motos in the way and going to slow. I was just a few meter off the front with one or two riders in front of me. One rider hits or nearly hits the Moto. I skidded to avoid the second Moto and I think the tubular tire rolled because of the angle I was attempting miss the Moto at. Went under the guard rail. BIG drop off the ledge in to the jungle. Like a 10ish foot drop. . Hanging in vines and the jungle. I thought my leg was broken. I knew my back was cut up as it burneddddddddd but I had no idea how bad. I had to do a self assessment as NO ONE checked on me. Lots of pain, leg wasn't broken, just deadened from the impact with the guardrail. Then I climbed back up and a wasp stung me TWICE. SERIOUSLY! Fucking twice! Then EVERYONE was gone. No cars. No ambulance. Luckily I see one Moto off the back of the race caravan. No team cars or anything in sight. Sitting there for what seemed 10 minutes while they say someone is coming. I keep asking for a wheel. Luckily a team car following the race but wasn't in the race had a wheel in the trunk (OLD 9 speed rust bucket of a wheel but it worked) and I rode in 6km with a police escort through traffic. Ouch. My poor team had NO idea I was even gone until they finished. I saw our director running down the road towards me as they took me towards the media tent. Then I immediately had to do an interview after I finished. Yes an interview. I wasn't happy about it. Luckily the medic tent was next door so I got cleaned up quickly. Went to hospital in an ambulance to fight island traffic better. 2 hrs later, 30+ stitches and being thankful to not be seriously injuried. I can't thank my Rally team enough for their support and love in response to this situation."


08/02/2016 10:38 AM
"...can't thank my Rally team enough for their support..." I hope that is sarcastic.


08/02/2016 11:36 AM
There should be a required meeting of moto drivers before the start of each race where a drill sargeant type makes it clear that the moto driver has one responsibility beyond all others. It could be worded something like this:

"This is a bike race. It's a bunch of grown men on those two wheeled toys you rode as a kid. They dream to be able to crank those pedals with one horsepower. Some can do it for 10 seconds. You guys are on 600 cc motor cycles that go 120 mph. You job is to stay ahead of those men on their toys. Got it? And if, for whatever reason you cannot, hide you head in shame (and that powerful beast you are riding) - OFF THE ROAD! Your bike is to never be seen being passed by those men on their toys as long as it is on the road and upright. Ever. Got it?

Now, these men on their toys, they are like any kid on theirs. They like going downhill fast and they are good at it. In fact, at times they can coast on their toys faster than you want to ride your beast. But God gave most of you brains. Use them! Figure out what you have to do to stay in front of them OR GET OFF THE ROAD and hide in shame.

Again, I never want to hear of one on you getting passed while on the pavement. Ever."

Obviously this doesn't apply when the race is on flat ground and wide roads and motos drifting up and down the peloton isn't an issue. But I wouldn't dilute the drill sargeant's words with those details.

Nick A


08/02/2016 04:10 PM
Ah, Twitter. I've only quit FB once, and gone back. I've quit Twitter twice, and still haven't gone back. Really scary that nobody took care of him after going off.

Motorcycles that can't stay ahead of bicycles on descents reminds me of people in SUV's that can't drive their vehicle off pavement.



08/02/2016 07:10 PM
I've seen SUVs drive off pavement all the time during ice storms.
Nick A


08/03/2016 06:38 PM
Rim shot Smokey! Good one.
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