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Tilford in serious accident
Last Post 10/18/2016 11:23 AM by ed custer. 5 Replies.
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Cosmic Kid


10/17/2016 05:10 PM
Sounds pretty nasty, but seems to be recovering....
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


10/17/2016 06:36 PM
Heard that from one of his team mates at US Open of Cyclocross in Boulder this weekend.

I run into Tilly occasionally and the only time I see him with a helmet is on a race course.

Hope to heck he recovers from this. Same with Stolte, he plowed in hard as well.


10/17/2016 10:07 PM
I could not get that link to work. He hit a dog while on a training ride. Fractured skull. Was not wearing a helmet.


10/18/2016 12:40 AM
Want your 15 minutes of fame? Wear a helmet and be a nobody in 1977 - me. Don't wear a helmet and be a somebody in 2016 - .

Sorry, a little cynical. I hope he pulls through. I know the journey ahead of him. I hope he finds the people who can help him. (And I am referring to those with heart, soul and wisdom. Staying sane and willing to continue to do the work to recover is a much bigger and far longer challenge than the medical. The best wishes and "so sorry"s from those who haven't been there are no help.

My biggest gift was from an ex-girl friend I had stayed in touch with. She had a near life ending accident a few months after we broke up and her sister asked me to see her at the hospital. Seven years later, my crash and 15 minutes of fame. She flew halfway across the country as soon as the heard about mine to tell me that 1) the next seven years of my life were going to be harder than anything I had ever done or that I could imagine, 2) that friends and family wouldn't understand and that although they would intend the best, they would not help me at all and 3) she knew I would make it. Hearing that from someone I knew knew was huge and words I came back to many times over those years. (I now call those years the crazy years. Did a lot of crazy stuff.)

In the years after our breakup, I went to some almost sick efforts to keep that friendship up. Now I wonder if that was part of a bigger plan so I could hear that and have that friend who knew for those years.

I also know all too well what Stolte is going through and has ahead of him. He was behind Tillford and broke ribs and collapsed his lung. I did that in 2000. Still have the circular scar where they stuck the tube in to re-inflate my lung. (Apparently, as soon as you create a hole to the outside, the ribcage expands and the lung pulls in air, but when fully deflated, cannot start the process. So they tell me. I was out of it on lots of morphine and I have no idea what else. If you ride bikes, stay away from opiate addiction like your life depends on it. If you ever break a rib, those opiates will be God's gift - if you allow it. Without those opiates, you won't want to live. And they speed recovery a lot - by allowing you to breath. Bodies need oxygen to do the healing stuff. But without the drugs, inhaling even a little is incredibly painful plus sleep is near impossible.)

My prayers for Steve. May that person show up for him. Sympathy for Bill from someone who knows that journey all too well.

Nick A


10/18/2016 09:46 AM
Wow, bad news. 79, thanks for telling your story. My wife even looks askance when I ride to the corner when adjusting my gears without a helmet, but otherwise it's always on. Too many "almosts". I was a bike courier very, very briefly in Washington. Got hit by a car and had a Monarch helmet (remember those?!). The styrofoam was compressed to about 60% thickness, and the shell had a hairline crack in it. I didn't even notice until a couple days later. Imagine what would have happened to my head.



10/18/2016 11:23 AM
I hit a dog back in 2012. Just went down my driveway, made a left turn, started to climb a small hill. I saw my neighbor walking out of his driveway with his dog to my right. They were fairly far away, so I thought no danger. I got out of my saddle to gain more power as I screwed up and forgot to chance to the small chainring. Next thing I knew, the dog was right in front of me crossing the road. My neighbor yelled, the dog stopped right in front of me. I hit the dog, went down hard on my left side. First part of my body to hit the road was my head, then my left elbow. I separated from my bike, it ended up in a ditch on the side of the road (made nice sounds though when bouncing). I was stunned. My riding glasses were toast, I hurt all over. My neighor repeatedly apologized (really a good neighbor). After about 5 minutes he assisted me to my feet. I managed to coast my bike back home. My left elbow hurt. I canceled my ride. Elbow still hurt next day. Went to my doctor, fractured ulna bone. Arm in sling, off bike for 8 weeks. When I got back on my bike, my left arm was weak, did not realize how much you use your arms when climbing.

Moral of story, always wear your helmet. If you have ever been involved in a crash, you will agree that things happen very very very fast.

I imagine most of us have gone down sooner or later. Stuff happens.
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