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Thibaut Pinot
Last Post 08/06/2019 10:40 PM by 79 pmooney. 5 Replies.
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08/02/2019 12:20 PM
The article in VeloNews: 


What I liked best is him saying that if he wins the Tour, he knows he is going to lose his true love.

"French cycling will now have to wait another year to see if its long drought will end. Pinot has returned home to his home in the village of Mélisey, a place where his father is the mayor and where the rider keeps sheep and goats. Such is his love of nature and peace that he said before the Tour that he was torn about wanting to win the race."

Also one of the first riders to publish all his training data and rides for a MPCC team.  He was never high in my sight (to quiet, too unassuming, rides for a "lesser" French team, but after this Tour ... 

He's got a few more years for Grand Tour excellence.  I hope the gods smile on him, DNFs are in the past and we get to see him on a top step, preferably on THE top step.



08/05/2019 08:31 AM
I completely agree Ben.


08/05/2019 08:23 PM
Still bummed that he suffered a "muscle tear"(???). Even at the level of these guys, this would be an exotic, WTF injury for a slow twitcher like Pinot. Such injuries are more common when taking certain meds, and I hope that is not so. Truly a raw deal for Pinot. Count your blessings Skybots, you may have been handed a gift this year. And PS FU.


08/06/2019 12:36 AM
lsd, he did it by banging the handlebar end trying to avoid a crash. Immediate effect was not a big deal but that happened on Thursday as I recall. Friday was a hard day as was Saturday. The originally small tear kept getting worse as it was getting no relief whatsoever.

I've hit my handlebar end pretty hard. Nowhere near that hard, but then I also haven't ever been 2 1/2 weeks into a Tour. (Or remotely strong enough to get there!)

Orange Crush


08/06/2019 11:26 AM
Banging handlebars even hard isn't normally that consequential. Having said that, I had a muscle issue for several months in 2015 that at surface seems similar, and it happened from a minor trip while walking. For me the underlying issue was simply overtraining and muscles being wound up too tight. It could be something like that with heat (hydration challenge) possibly being a contributing factor.


08/06/2019 10:40 PM
OC, any chance Pinot's riding could be considered "overtraining". (I'm sure the team doc had him stick to zone 3 the next day.)

Edit: (and serious)  A Grand Tour GC rider on days 19 and 20 is pushing the limits of about everything.  Real health/physical issues from things that we wouldn't even think about don't surprise me at all.

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