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Dropper posts
Last Post 03/24/2022 08:17 PM by Frederick Jones. 18 Replies.
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Orange Crush


03/24/2022 11:30 AM
Haha Zoot.

Ben - if you go to cyclingnews main page, right click on article and use "open link in incognito window/tab". You can continue to read articles freely. I use this for a lot of news sites.
Cosmic Kid


03/24/2022 11:55 AM
Dropping the seat lowers center of gravity and could provide a handling advantage (after a learning curve) in addition to the reduced drag

Correct. Dropper posts have two advantages...lower CG and imporved aerodynamics

My overall read is that bikes are generally not at their weight limit as more emphasis is put on aero. This also matches Pogs preference for rim brakes on certain stages due to 300 gram savings

Depends on the supplier and the rider, but in general, many (most?) road bikes today can hit the UCI weight minimum regardless of aero or discs. This is especially true for smaller riders....remember the days of teams gluing weights onto their frames to meet the weight minimum? That was 10-15 years ago and technology has improved a lot since then.

But many riders still prefer what they perceive to be "light" bikes because of the perception that lighter wheels / components will be faster uphill. It isn't true, but it can be very hard to overcome the subjectivity of how something "feels". Look how long we have been riding high-PSI tires because they "felt" fast as the perfect example.

Mahoric's win mostly came down to his descending skills and massive testicles....but the dropper post almost certainly helped. Would he have won without it? Most likely, but it also likely would have been much closer.

He took every technical advantage he could and maximized them for the moment that mattered....the descent.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!
Orange Crush


03/24/2022 02:27 PM
Funny coincidence - Niki Terpstra just posted a pic of his SL7 race machine with comment can you guess weight of my bike. Its 7.59 KG which compares to the 6.8 Kg UCI limit. So you could definitely save the 300 grams as Pog sometimes does by going rim brakes and remain compliant. Of course Nikki's is a classics machine where weight is a secondary consideration, except maybe for LBL or other hilly races. And of course Niki is a taller guy, bigger frame, more weight. What is weight range between frame sizes anyway?


03/24/2022 08:17 PM
Dale, good point - the UCI is the "you kids get off my lawn your socks are the wrong height" crank.
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