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06/15/2013 06:31 PM
Why doesn't he just crawl in a hole and disappear? His time is done. Time for a clean sweep. Our sport is as dirty as they come. Maybe we can appear to be cleaning it up by replacing folks starting at they top. Heck, your our country isn't supporting you. Pack up and go home.


06/15/2013 09:27 PM
They need to remove that tumor from the sport of cycling!


06/15/2013 09:58 PM
He's just not corrupt enough to be in FIFA.
Ride On


06/15/2013 10:30 PM
He can apply for a job in the IOC


06/16/2013 07:22 AM
cycling ireland has just taken a huge step in voting against him. now we'll see if the swiss nominate him; given the location of the UCI there's got to me backroom deals going on there.

i like what vaughters said recently: "pro cycling is the biggest amateur sport in the world." that won't change so long as verbruggen's puppet is still in charge.
Orange Crush


06/17/2013 06:50 PM
Sounds like end of the road for McQuaid



06/17/2013 08:07 PM

you're welcome


06/18/2013 08:28 AM
McQuaid needs to try running the Ministry of Magic -- I think given the utter nonsense he utters every time he is asked a question he qualifies. Of course he has to then change his name to Cornelius Fudge


06/18/2013 08:20 PM
It really looks like his days are numbered at this point. Finally!


06/26/2013 11:25 PM
He's coming across as really desperate and confrontational in these last few statements against cookson.
I think he's done.


06/27/2013 12:17 AM
I liked that Velonation took to asking WADA re: separation of UCI and drug testing. The response from WADA? No problem. Agencies in several sports already do that. Funny, I have been hearing that was impossible for about 18 months. Maybe a phone call was in order.

Cookson just might accomplish some of his goals by simply trying. Something that is apparently beyond McQuaid.



06/27/2013 02:44 PM
I agree Pat is on the way out but I just cannot see how he is accountable for as much blame as he is saddled with. I see a lot of angry people that want cyclings problems to go away but how Pat can be saddled with it all? Given any other leader and we would still be crucifying him now.
I personally think he did far more good than bad and only in retrospect could anyone have done better. The next UCI president will not do any better because the tools and financial limitations are the same. Energy must still operate the sport over navel gazing.
Until we start demanding accountability for the other sports that have glossed over their doping problems I think we are over critical of what the UCI has accomplished. Changing 100 years of culture is not the job of a single man and Pat cannot take all the blame for our need to believe in cycling again. His ouster is only symbolic of our frustration and won't make any discernible difference in any short term except to put even more focus on only 1 of the sports issues.


06/27/2013 03:09 PM
Master, I can't agree. McQuaid may have not been able to set up a truly independent doping agency, but he could have made it known at all levels that was what he wanted. Likewise, he had in his power to do his best to see that drug positives were treated fairly and uniformly.

Change starts with a leader with a vision. McQuaid's vision has appeared to be all about damage control. Yes, I agree that many get into positions of power in messy organizations and find that sorting out the mess isn't easy. But there are two approaches. Sit down and listen to those who are there already and are heavily vested n the current system, as McQuaid (and out current US president) has done, or step in, refuse to listen and start making big changes ala Dwight Eisenhower who piulled off the Korean truce 3 months after coming into office.



06/29/2013 12:54 AM
Apparently Pat McQuaid never got the lesson I heard from my mom. Be careful what you ask for.


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